Baker Family Chiropractic & Holographic Health®, PLLC - Holistic Health, Chiropractic, Massage & Neurocore therapy
Holographic Health:We specialize in a specific form of kinesiology(muscle testing), which was developed by Dr. Theodore Baroody. It is a comprehensive set of muscle tests designed to show us with the specific imbalances that our patient's are facing.  This includes structural misalignments which will be corrected utilizing traditional chiropractic and therapeutic massage to nutritional and energetic evaluations with specific resynchronizations and recommendations for those as well.
Initial Chiropractic evaluations(170 muscle tests):
The initial exam checks almost every joint(bone to bone) alignment in the body.  It also includes specific soft tissue imbalances.
Follow up chiropractic visits:
This is a recheck of previous weaknesses and imbalances along with any new complaint
Initial Nutritional evaluation(includes a spinal check):
The initial nutritional exam consists of 190 nutritional and energetic checks.  From this a specific nutritional guideline is given based on the weaknesses found.  This may include diet change and supplementation recommendations.
Follow Up Nutritional recheck:
This follow up visit includes a recheck of previous weaknesses and reevaluation of nutritional guidelines along with spinal/extremity adjustments as needed.
Therapeutic(deep tissue) and Swedish(relaxation) Massage:
The benefits of massage and body work is well documented and ranges from stress relief to forcing toxins to move and exit the body.
30, 60, and 90 minute sessions are available:
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